Parish Priest's News

My dear friends,


Three days are of particular spiritual significance in November; there is always the moving contrast between the celebration of All Saints and All Souls and then of course for us the celebration of our Patron Saint. The first two fall in Half Term and therefore following last year the Sung Masses will be at 12noon. 

On the subject of Mass times having consulted various age groups and in order to facilitate an organist for both celebrations The First Mass of Christmass will be at the earlier time of 10pm. This will facilitate those who use buses to come to Mass (we can arrange lifts home), parents to be able to box and cox between night and morning and for some mean the walk home is at an earlier stage of the evening. 

Moving on to our social life a great deal of planning has been put into the Winter Wonderland (Christmass [not even in Advent] Fayre) once again this year. It will run from 10.30pm until 2.30pm when the draws will take place: as these times are advertised it is very important that stalls remain open until 2.30pm, as for someone arriving at 2pm it can be very disconcerting to see things shutting down. 

The Night Shelter this year is to be run at S. Patrick's, Hove thus giving the guests a sense of permanency as they are to be provided with lockers. It will run in tandem with the local authority provision in the same building and of major significance for the whole year starting in November. Fr. Norbury and I were delegated by the Wagner Group leaders to attend a meeting about these changes. I am sorry to say that the change of venue had no bearing on our decision, but with the length of the project and presumed further difficulties of recruiting more volunteers, we have said that the Wagner Group can no longer coordinate a regular evening. Anyone who wishes to offer their help to another group can and are encouraged to do so through the central office at S Peter's.

With my love and prayers,

Fr. Trevor Buxton