Parish Priest's News

My dear friends,


There are two months left of the Diocesan Year of Vocation and this penultimate of them is as usual dedicated to the Holy Guardian Angels.    There are references to and appearance of angels throughout the Old and New Testaments and the feast of those whose names we don’t know is described in ’The Saints of the Roman Calendar’ in these words, “ (it) serves as a reminder that divine providence has entrusted us to the custody of the angels.”   

If divine providence has entrusted us like wise to each successive generation is entrusted  the custody of the world and all who inhabit it.    At Harvest Time this is at the centre of our thoughts even though most of us have never been near a plough and the worst weather conditions we experience getting wet between the car and the supermarket.   This overall “well-being” is our school theme for the year.   So far Key Stage 2 have been on two environmentally based learning trips and are about to begin thinking of the sea.   Mr Wingham has asked therefore that our thanksgiving offerings this year be given to ‘The Marine Conservation Society’ - we hoe to create the now traditional display at the head of the Nave for the two celebration services.

Of recent years Harvest Supper has been succeeded by Harvest Lunch, this year it is back in the form of our ‘Curry and Quiz Night’    Before folk worry: the Curry will not be overly hot and the Quiz be in the form of ‘Pointless’ when you have the answers given you, answers previously submitted to 100 people so all you have to do as a team is work out which had the highest number of votes.:   for those who like a teaser, we are grateful to Clare Phelan who has one of her ’Who am I?’ puzzles to solve at different points of the evening.  The organisers are looking forward to a different social gathering—proceeds are in aid of the 3.5% rise in the Parish Share, so please support us and bring your friends.

With my love and prayers,

Fr. T Buxton