Parish Priest's News

My dear friends,

Our Cover picture this month is a clip-art of the Annunciation whose great Solemnity occurs as usual at the end of this month..  As daily, we reflect in the Angelus, on Mary’s readiness to accept God’s will and thus enable the redemption of mankind in the coming to earth of the Emmanuel we are called especially so to do on this feast. 

This is strengthened by the continued tradition of kneeling in the Creed on this say for the words of The Incarnatus, as we do on Christmass Day.

Walsingham Pilgrims are used to singing the word “England’s Dowry”, words that reflect the title ’Dowry of Mary’ believed to originate from the time of Edward
Confessor and to which Richard II dedicated England in 1381.  In Walsingham there will be a rededication on Sunday 29th March; following the great links of this Parish with the Shrine we shall join with this act after the APCM.

With this in mind it leads me to stress that the APCM while a legal requirement does take a lot of preparation and therefore ask that the documents be read before the meeting, where possible questions submitted in advance and finally come prepared to stay on for the extra 30-45 minutes it takes!

A very exciting step in Mission and Outreach is the joint venture with the School Team of opening a new S Martin’s Toddler Group on March 3rd.  This will run for five weeks before the end of term in which time we shall be able to assess the future.  It is intended to be administered eventually by parents for parents but begins with the assistance of Mrs Chapman and John Lewry (the Deanery Children's Officer): I do hope people I approach will be willing to don the Blue Lanyard and represent the worshipping community occasionally.

With my love and prayers,