Monthly Kalendar

June 2020


Month’s Dedication: The Sacred Heart

Mon 1  Mary,
 Mother of the Church  The Society  

Tue  2  Ss Marcelinus & Peter  Witness

Wed 3  S Charles Lwanga & Comp.   The Queen

Thu 4  OL Jesus Christ
 Eternal High Priest  CBS

Fri  5  S Boniface  World Peace

Sat  6  OL on Saturday  Walsingham

 7  The Holy Trinity  PP

Mon 8  Feria Week 10  Chichester Trust

Tue  9  Feria  Grimit Trust

Wed 10  Feria (Requiem)  Years Mind

Thu  11  S Barnabas  S Barnabas Hove

Fri  12  Feria (of the Cross)  SSC

Sat  13  S Anthony of Padua  Senior Citizens

 14  Corpus Christi  PP

Mon 15  Feria Week11  ACS

Tue 16  Translation of S Richard  The Diocese

Wed 17  Feria  Those in need

Thu  18  Feria  Thanksgivings

Fri  19  The Sacred Heart  PP

Sat  20  S. Alban  Parish Developments

 21  12th Sunday  PP

Mon 22  Ss John Fisher& Thomas More  ARCIC

Tue  23  Feria  WHO

Wed 24  Nativity of John the Baptist  PP

Thu  25  Feria  Vocations

Fri  26  Feria  The Bishop

Sat  27  S Cyril of Jerusalem  Theologians

 28  Ss Peter and Paul  PP

Mon 29  Feria Week 13    Our School

Tue  30  1st Martyrs of Rome  Pilgrim Centres   


* changes
** School