Sunday Club News

September 2019

Welcome back, we hope you all had a good summer break.

This year, instead of a traditional Sunday Club outing, we held a family fun afternoon. After Mass on Sunday 14th July we had fun and games in the vicarage garden with a bbq lunch. This was an all age event and enjoyed by a good number of the congregation.

As you will know from previous newsletters we are regularly assessing the way in which we run our children’s teaching groups. This is the format we plan to try this term:

Younger children (KS1 and Nursery age)

Supervision will be provided at the table area for drawing/colouring and quiet toys. After the Gospel the children will be taken into the Parish Office or Church Hall for an activity/game. When they return to Church for the 'Peace' they will be supervised at the table area until the end of Mass.

KS2 and children admitted to First Communion

We encourage this group to sit with their parent/carer until the end of the 'Gospel', they will then be taken to the Parish Office for an age appropriate teaching session. When the group return to Church for the 'Peace' they are welcome to join the younger children at the table area for drawing/colouring.

We will review the above arrangements at the beginning of the New Year. Please give us any comments or feedback that you have regarding these sessions.